Saturday, June 4, 2011

CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch Single Stack Mod.

This is how I modified my Versa mag pouches to be more single stack friendly because as they come out of the bag they are virtually unusable. 

Required materials:
  • Plastic spacers
  • Flat head screws and lock nuts (about 10-24 x 1/2")
Recommended Tools:
  • Belt sander, bench grinder, etc.
  • Bandsaw, hacksaw, etc.
  • Drill press, or hand drill
  • Drill bits 
  • End mill or wood cutting drill bit
  • Offset screwdriver or shortened bit
  • Vice
  • Center punch
  • Allen wrench
  • Diagonal cutters
First thing to do is disassemble your mag pouches.  Then use one of your existing spacers to mark your spacer material and cut your new spacers to size. 

After you have cut your new spacers to an appropriate size, mine fit a little tighter than the originals, you can center mark and punch them.  

After you have center punched your spacers drill your pilot hole, sized to fit the allen screw that holds the belt loop to the pouch (about 17/64").  After your pilot hole is drilled replace the drill bit with the end mill or wood bit, about 1/2" diameter, and counter sink the hole to completely conceal the head of the screw.  

I then deburred the holes with a sharp pocket knife, my trusty SOG Blink.  

Next I used a pair of diagonal cutters to remove the "L" shaped bracket on the Ber/CZ insert included with the mag pouches.

After trimming all of the Ber/CZ spacers I took them and the inner spacers to the belt sander and finished the edges. I rounded the top edge of the inner spacer and chamfered the bottom edge.  On the outer spacers I chamfered the cut edge as well as the other edge.  I tried to keep the factory edge of the outer spacers ground the same amount and mounted that face towards the finger opening of the pouches.

Note the offset screwdriver in this photo as well.

Once you have finished sanding all of your spacers you are ready to reassemble your pouches. Start with the inner spacer and the belt loop.  I also shortened one of the included allen wrenches so that I can adjust their rotation on my belt after they are assembled.


  1. Just tried this mod on my pouches. I could not find an angled screwdriver like yours so i took the small wrench/flat-head tool that came with my dremel and bent it on angles slighty to get it to fit It worked great!! Thanks for the info !!!

  2. Just do this
    Looks like CR Speed Mag Pouches support Single Stack natively -- with no mods necessary.