Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Training Tip: Bill Drills

Drawing and shooting FAST.

Required equipment:
  • (1) IPSC or IDPA target & stand at 7 yards
  • Pistol with a 6 round capacity
  • Holster, eyes and ears
  • Shot timer
      Basics of the Bill drill are to draw and fire 6 shots in the "A" or "-0" of the target as fast as possible.  You should be focusing on getting the gun on target quickly and following the front sight.  Try and watch the front sight lift and settle back into position.  If you can't see the sight you can't expect to get the gun on target as quickly as possible.  

     Before starting the drill, take a deep breath, hold it for a couple seconds and slowly release.  Then actively visualize exactly what you're going to do.  Everything from your fingers wrapping around the grip on your draw to watching the sight settle down after the sixth round is fired.

Post your best times in the comments section.  

Keep shooting,

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